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Ellen and Company was established in 2009 by Zaza Gvatua, who is director and owner of the company, he named the company after his daughter and runs the company with his family, who are actively involved in company’s day to day activities.

With the aim to be involved in agricultural business, our family moved to the Region of Samegrelo in 2009. We studied the market, and step by step started exporting raw material to Europe starting from 2011. With our joined efforts, we soon became one of the top exporters of hazelnut in Georgia.

Tight co-operation with our suppliers who are organized farmers gives us competitive advantage, because we have established long-term reliable partnerships, with the common goal to deliver high quality product on market. We constantly test the quality of the supplied products, in order to be compliant with customer requirements by setting standards and conducting quality checks (laboratory analysis) on the incoming raw material.

Tsalenjikha is a strategic location for our business, in the mountainous area of Samegrelo. The high altitude and amazing climate helps improve the quality of the crop and makes Tsalenjikha well-known for it’s abundant and high quality hazelnut in the whole region. With the financial support from the Government, our factory was built according to the European Standards and is ISO 22000 certified.

The factory is equipped with excellent, modern systems technologies required for hazelnut production, including processing equipment, used for roasted, chopped and meal hazelnut production.

We mainly work on hazelnut from the province of Samegrelo, where hazelnut is distinguished with its quality and appearance. Our toppriority is to provide high quality product to our partners, on average our export rate per year has been 1,400 tons of hazelnut products.

We pride ourselves in our professional logistics performance linked closely to a reliable transportation partner.

We are oriented on long-term sustainable partnerships and want to establish Ellen and Company as a high reputation supplier of a high quality product.



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