Company Culture

The Driving Values Of The Company:

We are committed to working with high social responsibility to our customers, employees, our suppliers and the community in which we operate.

Our product is for human consumption, therefore, we place quality and food safety at the top of our priority list. Quality starts at source and we work with reliable suppliers of raw material who produce in safe conditions.

We spread awareness of best production practices in our community, train small producers to help them grow and establish quality standard in our country.

We value our employees, expand their qualifications by training and provide pleasant working conditions in an emerging region of Georgia. We adhere to the recommended work practices and regulations.

We support our community by providing information regarding production, fertilizers, harvesting, warehousing, food safety standards, child labor and many other areas in which our support is needed.

We value the beautiful environment in which we live and do all we can to ensure that our business contributes to a sustainable environment and does no damage to the wonderful region of Samegrelo.

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